This is Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X

Undetectable keystroke logger. Track Mac OS X passwords, IM chats, emails and more.

Elite Keylogger for Mac details: current version 1.5 works on Mac OS X 10.6.8+ (64-bit) released on 16th Mar, 2015
Mar 16: Elite Keylogger for Mac 1.5.120 improves Viber chats interception, polishes a bunch of internal modules. update now. Learn more.

Free: Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X

Record keystrokes typed

Free Elite Keylogger for Mac easily records everything a Mac user types on the monitored computer. Easily capture what they are emailing about, discussing on chats, entering into web-forms, etc.

Capture everything copied to clipboard

Clipboard monitoring is extremely important, most of passwords and other critical data is not typed but just copied and pasted. Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X captures all texts copied to clipboard.

Screenshot recorder

Elite Keylogger provides complete visual log of what was happening on your Mac by taking desktop screenshots at configurable timeout.

Get reports remotely via email

Elite Keylogger for Mac silently delivers recorded logs to your email address remotely...

PRO: Invisible Mac Keylogger

Log user names & passwords

Log all entered passwords and user names and identify applications where the user logged on: browsers, Facebook, Mail, games, etc.

Record both sides of IM chats

Elite Keylogger secretly records both sides of Skype, Viber, iChat/Messages and Adium instant messaging conversations. This requires Instant Messengers to have chat history enabled, but it's usually on for 99% of users. All chats are captured in Elite Keylogger's convenient Chats report.

Completely undetectable

Elite Keylogger deserved exceptional reputation for being the only true low-core keylogger. For years it has been trusted as the only truly invisible keylogger: no traces anywhere!

Elite Keylogger FREE vs PRO

Elite Keylogger for Mac is free. The free edition includes all features but is not invisible and does not track passwords. Upgrage to Elite Keylogger PRO for Mac to unlock these premium features.

Capture and review all computer activity
with Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X: Free or PRO

+ Internet Monitoring

Collect invisible web history

Ever wondered where your teen gets those suspicious contacts in his phonebook from? Are your dearest ones visiting porn or dating websites?

Protect your children from online harassment by staying informed where they go and what they do when online. Keep the online history of visited websites even if the browser log and cookies have been cleared.

With Elite Keylogger for Mac you can even record all social networking and other websites visited by users of your Mac.

Secret word technology

Elite Keylogger PRO for Mac goes beyond the usual hotkey to unhide it when hidden. It implements a configurable secret word, which is the phrase of any complexity that you have to type invisible right on your Mac's desktop to reveal Elite Keylogger from the depths of its memory.

Smart inactivity detection

Elite Keylogger for Mac OS X will save your Mac's energy! It stops monitoring when user is not active, saving battery and CPU time. This means you are not getting any blank or repeated screenshots in the logs.

Protected and secure

Even after it's unhidden, Elite Keylogger PRO asks for your second-level protection: your unhide password. You can be sure that there's no other person on this planet reading your logs!