Seven Reasons Elite Keylogger is the Best Keylogger

Elite Keylogger has all of the functions you would expect in a top keylogger on the market today: keystroke recording, password tracking, application monitoring and more. But it has seven features that set it apart and make it the BEST keylogger available:

Elite Keylogger info current version 5.3 for Windows Vista, 7 & 8.1 + XP SP3 x86 released on 26th Dec, 2013
Mar 16: Elite Keylogger for Mac 1.5.120 improves Viber chats interception, polishes a bunch of internal modules. update now. Learn more.

1 Starts Invisible – And Stays That Way

The number one reason Elite Keylogger is the best keylogger is that it remains 100% invisible to all users of the computer it is monitoring. Users won't find Elite Keylogger in the Start Menu, among running processes, in the list of applications, in the history of used programs, or anywhere else! It is also undetectable by antivirus and antispyware programs and the software is recompiled every day to ensure it continues to stay invisible. In addition, WideStep offers registered users special builds of Elite Keystroke Logger that are not available to the general public and are therefore doubly secure.

2 Excellent URL Interception

The second reason Elite Keylogger is one of the best keyloggers is its ability to record websites visited across ALL major browsers. It provides full URL capture for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome and more. Each website address is captured in the logs along with a timestamp, so you can easily monitor your children’s Internet activity, for example, to ensure they are safe.

3 Records System Logon Passwords

Many keyloggers are not capable of capturing Windows logon passwords, but Elite Keylogger can. It is the best keylogger to use if capturing logons is a priority for you. It is able to do so because it starts up automatically upon system boot and uses low-core keyboard monitoring with its kernel driver. Download keylogger to track passwords now.

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Elite Keylogger is invisible and powerful...

4 Truly User-Friendly Interface

Another reason Elite Keylogger ranks as the best keylogger is that it is so easy to use. Installation is quick and painless for novice users. Elite Keylogger also provides more advanced options like remote installation and pre-configuration for those who need it. Once installed, you can have it set up and working in minutes. Just input how you’d like to receive the logs and you never have to touch the program again – it’s all automatic from that point forward!

5 Logs Both Incoming and Outgoing Email

Elite Keylogger is one of the best keyloggers for capturing email messages. It can capture both outgoing AND incoming email via POP3 and SMTP. Messages from both email clients (like Microsoft Outlook) and online email providers (like Gmail) can be logged. Ensure that key corporate data is secure and secrets aren’t being leaked via email to competitors.

7 Try Before You Buy

Many keyloggers do not offer you a fully functional trial version, but Elite Keylogger does. We are confident you will find us the best keylogger, so we allow you to fully test our software for seven days before purchasing. Buy with confidence after a thorough examination. We’re sure you’ll agree that we are the best of all keyloggers!

6 Multiple Log Delivery Options

Elite Keylogger is one of the best keyloggers when it comes to providing a multitude of ways to receive logs. You can have logs emailed to you, uploaded to an FTP site, transmitted to another computer on the same LAN, or transferred to a USB flash drive. There are no limits on the log size that can be sent. The logs can be searched by keyword.