Elite Keylogger

Simply the best keylogger. Invisible. Undetectable.
Available for Windows and Mac.

Jan 31: Elite Keylogger for Mac 1.5.80 adds support of icloud.com for logs' delivery, fixes a few compatibility issues. update now. See this blog post for more details.

Monitor Keystrokes

Elite Keylogger has the ability to record all keys typed on a computer -- while remaining completely invisible to users! From the logs it collects, you will be able to see what passwords, documents, emails, chat messages, and more, were typed.

Collect Passwords

* Including Windows logon

Our software includes low-core keyboard monitoring which allows it to collect all typed passwords -- even Windows logon data. Please note, though, that the Mac version cannot record OS X logon passwords yet.

Record Chats and Emails

Elite Keylogger for Windows can record chat and instant messages for a number of clients, including MSN, AOL, ICQ, AIM, GTalk, Skype. It can also record both incoming and outgoing email messages. Elite Keylogger for Mac can record both sides of chats from Skype, Viber, iChat/Messages and Adium, as well as outgoing email.

Remote Keylogger

Elite Keylogger is the perfect solution for monitoring a computer remotely. Once installed, the logs can be emailed to you or uploaded to a server. This makes it an ideal tool for corporations to monitor employee computers. The app is completely invisible and cannot be detected by antivirus or antispyware software.

What is a keylogger anyway?

A keylogger, also called a keystroke recorder, is a software program that is installed on a computer and maintains a log of all keys typed on the keyboard. In most cases, the program is completely hidden and the computer user does not know it is there. Some keystroke recorders, like Elite Keylogger, go much further and log the applications used and websites visited, chat and email messages sent, and even take screenshots. Most keystroke recorders offer a free trial, so be sure to download keylogger here and try out your top choices to determine which one you like best.

Are keyloggers legal?

Short answer: Yes, they are completely legal. As long as you own the computer, or are given administrative privileges by the person that owns the computer, it is legal to install any program you would like. The program requires the administrative password be typed to install it, to make sure the person installing it has the right. Therefore, it is more of a moral issues to decide to start using a keylogger. But anytime someone else is using your computer, you have the right to monitor them if you feel the need.

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